NB: All applications will be screened to ensure that they meet the specific service criteria.


  • The Music & Arts Service provides 30 sessions over a 36 week academic year. The number of lessons will vary from term to term. Charges are based on the service delivering 30 visits per academic year. The day/time of these lessons will be arranged by your teacher and school – these may take place during school time.
  • On receipt of the application form availability will be assessed, should a place be available you will receive email confirmation prior to the start of term. Lessons and instrument hire will only commence once the application is received by our office and lesson availability has been confirmed.  If you wish to withdraw your child, you must follow the cancellation procedure below.
  • The Music & Arts Service is unable to provide refunds for any reason except for teacher absence and only at the end of the academic year if lessons fall below 30.
  • Children may need to come out of class during the school day for their lessons.   It is expected that children will catch up with their learning in ways appropriate to the class teacher and the school.
  • You will be advised of any price increase during the Summer Term for tuition commencing the following September.
  • If your child does not attend Music Centre, billing will move to the standard group lesson rate (currently £60 per term)


This agreement can only be cancelled in writing giving at least 2 weeks notice before the end of a term and it is assumed your child is continuing in the new academic term/year unless you have cancelled in writing.  The full term must be paid for if a pupil withdraws part way through the term, no refunds will be given. You can email this to: schoolsmusicandarts@bradford.gov.uk

If Yes, please specify below
I accept responsibility for the instrument(s) and for any loss or damage caused by accident, theft or attempted theft, maltreatment or otherwise. I agree to replace the instrument (s) if lost or stolen on a “new for old” basis. I also agree to pay for any damage done to the instrument except for normal wear and tear. If lessons are terminated by either party the instrument must be returned to the service within 7 days. It is advisable to take out the appropriate “all risks” insurance on the instrument. I enclose a completed direct debit form to reserve a place for next term. The Music & Arts Service will contact you to confirm if a space is available. Payments are debited on the 15th of each month – see overleaf for term dates. Alternative payment methods may be available, please contact the Music & Arts Service. I understand that by signing this contract I will be liable for termly payments until written or email confirmation is provided of withdrawal. I accept Music & Arts Service terms and conditions.