Instrumental & Vocal lessons

The Music & Arts Service is made up of a team of  peripatetic music teachers who deliver  music programmes in primary, secondary, SEND and ‘through’ schools across the Bradford district.

Please go to our Demonstration Video’s page to view demonstration videos for brass, guitar, percussion, piano & keyboard, woodwind and singing videos

Please see our page The Benefits of playing an Instrument

We can provide :

  • 20 minute small group instrumental and vocal Lesson. Small group lessons are made no more than 4 pupils of similar ability who play the same family of instruments.
  • 20 minute individual instrumental and vocal lesson
  • Pricing

Please use this link to apply for Instrumental/vocal lessons

You will need to ensure that your child has the correct instrument, please click Buy/Hire an instrument

There is also an Assisted Purchase Scheme to help parents/carers purchase an instrument for their child.

NB: The Service reserves the right to cancel any lessons at any time where overall participating pupil numbers fall below prevailing Service minimum requirements.

We provide a minimum of 30 lessons throughout the school academic year and lessons generally take place within the school day.

Occasionally if we are unable to provide a teacher during the school day, we may be able to provide an individual lesson only, within one of the venues that we use for our music groups.

If your child attends Titus Salt School please contact the Music Service office on 01274 434 970 for an application form.

What is the best way for my child to learn music? – Guide by Youth Music

Data Protection Act
Personal data will be held in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018.  Information will be used for statistical and monitoring purposes. Students names and school attended may be shared with  third parties who have been contracted to provide musical instruments.  These third party contractors are subject to standard contractual clauses regarding GDPR