Foundations for Excellence


Foundations for Excellence is the home for information, guidance and sign-posting in the area of health and wellbeing for young musicians and dancers.

Foundations for Excellence exists to share research, resources and best practice for the support and development of talented young musicians, singers and dancers. This is currently achieved through the online resource hub, the commission of new information sheets on a variety of specific topics and the biennial conference.

Delius School

Unlocking Potential

The Delius School exists to provide support and help to the most musically gifted and talented in the area, giving more children the opportunity to pursue music in their education, career and life.

Children attending the Delius School are supported and taught by specialists in both musicianship and teaching.  The school is there to serve the needs of exceptionally musically talented children in Bradford who are in Years 3 to 6 at primary school.  The selection process is by audition due to the limited number of places available.

The school meets monthly to take part in classes and workshops that extend and enhance their musical development and instrumental tuition.  For instance, children have the opportunity to learn about skills as varied as music technology and world music, and the school provides opportunities to hear professional performers.  Kimberley Walsh, of Girls Aloud and Tasmin Little, celebrated violinst, are  the Delius School patrons.

For further information about the Delius School and to find out about the audition process please contact  Felicity French on 01274 434970 or