BHT Early Education and Training

As the EYFS music leaders at BHT Early Education and Training we would like to pledge our support to the development of a Music Education Hub for the Bradford District which will build on activities to date and put into place a partnership body that maximises the resources within the district and region to ensure that children and young people participate and enjoy the experience of learning music.

Through the development of a Music Education Hub that supports the music education of children and young people of the Bradford District our involvement will be to work in partnership with the Music and Arts Service (Hub Lead Partner) in Bradford Council with development and enhanced opportunities.  The Hub is to provide a platform to advertise, promote and share resources though a dedicated Hub website which will be available for all schools, pupils and parents across the Bradford district.

At this stage we anticipate that the support to deliver the agreed activities will be to work with the Bradford District Music Education Hub by providing:

  • Sharing resource and performance opportunities at events across the district;
  • Advertising all available opportunities through the new Music Hub website ensuring maximum exposure of opportunity;
  • Offering EYFS music sessions to schools and nurseries in the Bradford district, also CPD training opportunities for staff within those settings, through our Music, Movers and Shakers project.

 To visit their website please click here.