Delius School

Mon 14 May 2018

The Delius School exists to provide support and help to the most musically gifted and talented in the area, giving more of them the opportunity to pursue music in their education, career and life.

Who can benefit?
Children attending the Delius School are supported and taught by specialists in both musicianship and teaching. The school is there to serve the needs of the exceptionally musically talented children in the Bradford area who are in Years 4 to 6 at primary school from September 2019. The selection process is by audition due to the limited number of places available.

As a child growing up in Bradford, Delius had the support and opportunity to develop his great talent for music. The Delius School has been established to improve the opportunities for the most musically talented in the area today. Tasmin Little, the world famous violinist, and Kimberley Walsh from Girls Aloud, believe that this is such an important step for young musicians in Bradford that they have become patrons of The Delius School.

The School is heavily supported by the Bradford Music Education Hub to allow costs to remain as low as possible for parents/carers.

Support provided:
The Delius School provides a variety of support to musically gifted children with the objective of developing and supplementing their musical education and improving their access to future study and enjoyment of music. The school meets monthly to take part in classes and workshops that extend and enhance their musical development and instrumental tuition. For instance, children have the opportunity to learn about skills as varied as music technology and world music and the school provides opportunities to hear professional performers. Students are given the chance to learn more about the possibilities to further their musical education, for instance by providing links to conservatoires.

Students who attend a non-fee paying school receive a 30 minute weekly lesson on their main instrument for a subsidised cost of £58 per term. (funding restrictions do not allow us to support lessons for pupils from independent schools however, they still benefit from the Sunday sessions for no cost).

Instrumental lessons take place during the week, possibly out of school time.

Criteria for applications:
Students must be in Year 4, 5, or 6 in September 2019;
They must be resident in the Bradford District;
They must have played their instrument for at least one year in September 2018;
They must have reached the equivalent of Grade 1 standard.

How to find out more:
For further information please call the Music & Arts Service on 01274 434970 or email

Auditions Saturday, 30 June 2019 at Fairfax Learning and Development Centre, Flockton Road, Bradford BD4 7RY – View map here.

Closing date for applications for next year’s places Friday, 8 June 2019.

Audition requirements: 2 pieces at the current standard of playing. Some musical tests will form part of the audition.

How to apply:
If you believe that your child meets the criteria for auditions for the Delius School, please contact

➡ Instrumental Application Form 2018