Annual DfE Data Collection

5 September 2013

Dear Headteacher

Every year the Music & Arts Service as lead partner in the Bradford Music Education Hub is required to complete a Arts Council/DfE return involving KS2 music schemes, whether the scheme is delivered by us, by yourselves or other outside bodies (this includes the main KS2 first year access, second year continuation and third year continuation if applicable in instrumental tuition). We need to know how many terms each class has participated in these schemes i.e. a 2 form entry school may have one class who has undertaken 1 term and one class who has undertaken 2 terms to ensure that data from each class is included in the return and the instrument which each pupil has played – your Music Co-ordinator should be able to identify the length and instrumentation.  The way data is reported has now changed and we have to return data for each school across the local authority and accurate information from each school is therefore important.  Please return the form by Friday 25 October 2013.

A spreadsheet with headings for the information required can be found on BSO – Once you have completed this form, we would be grateful if you could return it to us via Schools2schools. The file should be saved as a generic file.

The file name should be: 380SSSS_380LLLL_MUSIC092013

380SSSS – should read 380 with your four digit school DSCF number added at end

380LLLL – please leave as is

MUSIC – please add the month and year you are submitting the file, e.g. 092013

If you have any problems with your upload, please contact Schools IT on 01274 385800 or your own service provider. After sending your file, please send us an e-mail to alert the service of your secure transfer to:

Full instructions have been sent in a separate letter to your school.

If you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Yours sincerely

Debbie Bellwood

Business Manager

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