Themed Art Days

Key Stage 1 Days

ABORIGINAL ART: An introduction to the mysteries of aboriginal art.  The day will also include stories from Dream Time; find out why the emu can’t fly!  At the end of the day you will have a large wall hanging made up of a patch work of individual children”s work.

Linked with Key Stage 1 Science. Working in groups and individually pupils will find out more about the insect world and create unique pieces of art.  Day will include the making of a 4ft grasshopper, relief sculptures of the hungry caterpillar and giant textured insect paintings.
ABSTRACT SCULPTURE DAY: Linked with Key Stage 1 ‘What is Sculpture Topic’.  Working individually and in groups, children design abstract shapes that are then transferred to MDF to make free standing sculptures. The day will also include 2D abstract painting.
SCHOOL ZOO DAY: Working to a scale fitting your school, children design and build MDF animal sculptures to decorate your school internally or externally.
Working in a number of media children will create sculptures and 2D work on a large scale themed around the seaside.  A typical day would produce a 3ft 3D ice-cream, 4ft 3D fish and individual printed seascapes.
Using characters familiar to the pupils children paint pre cut out large-scale MDF characters. The day offers the opportunity to teach young children basic painting techniques to enrich the school environment.

Key Stage 2 Themed Days

Days combine history and other topics with fun art activities extending children’s knowledge of the chosen history period.  Days are suitable for classes or entire key stages.

GREEK DAY: A multi-media day which includes the building of scale models of the Parthenon, the Trojan horse and fabric painting.
EGYPTIAN DAY: A multi-media day which includes the building of scale models of the Pyramids, the god Anubis and Pyramid wall paintings or create their own name Cartouche and protect their name like the Pharaohs did.
VICTORIAN DAY: Children will recreate Victorian smog-filled streets with Lowry style fabric paintings. Find out more about England”s longest serving monarch and create their own sculpture of the Queen. Discover more about life as a child and build their own street pauper.
VIKING DAY: Children will find out more about the art and customs  these fascinating ancient people. Working in small groups children produce fabric paintings depicting Viking gods, scale models of long ships and plaques decorated with Viking runes.
PICASSO DAY: Children will find out about the work of this pioneering artist and then complete work in his style. This will include mini instillations using recycled goods, clay tiles and relief abstract paintings.
Pupils plan and make saleable items from recycled products. Day has proved popular with schools that have used it as a starting point for an enterprise project. A typical day would produce gift boxes, photo frames and novelty bottle characters. More importantly, it gives staff and pupils skills they can use in their own imaginative enterprise work.
PORTRAIT DAY: Pupils are taught a number of different ways of approaching portraits in their artwork. Day includes art appreciation as well as collage, printing and pencil techniques. For schools who wish this can also include a large scale group piece.
Using the theme of Album cover artwork from popular music children have the opportunity to explore many new 2D and 3D art skills. This has proven popular with schools studying Britain since 1948 but can be adapted to fit any needs.
Children will find out more about the most successful band in history. Children will be Involved in the designing and building of free standing life-size sculptures of the Beatles.

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