Exam Info

Music Medal Exams for KS2 Pupils

The Music & Arts Service offers pupils who are currently participating in schools’ KS2 instrumental scheme the opportunity to take a Music Medal exam.  Music Medals are nationally accredited exams which take place in school time and are carried out with help from the visiting music teacher in front of a video camera.

Options for payment for new Music Medal examinations for pupils are as follows:

The school meets the full cost;

Schools have the option to partially charge parents for a percentage of these costs but for invoicing purposes the Music & Arts Service will invoice the school for the full cost;

 ➡ The Music & Arts Service ask the parents to pay for the exam.

To download the school consent form please click for letter Music Medal Letter – Headteacher Options – September 2017.

For the parental consent form please click Music Medal Letter 2017 – 2018 Consent form

The current Music Medal prices are listed below. The KS2 instrumental teacher will be able to confirm which Music Medal level the pupils will take and on which date they will take place.

Music Medal Level Full Price from September 2017


Copper £11.50
Bronze £15.00
Silver £20.00
Gold £24.00
Platinum £29.00