Teachers Profiles

Lisa Artist teaches recorder, clarinet, percussion (tuned/untuned) voice & vocal.

Helen Borg teaches recorder, brass & music curriculum. She also leads the Junior Brass Band and is one of the leaders of Bradford Youth Wind Orchestra

Lee Boyes teaches recorder, guitar, bass guitar & keyboard.

Michael Denham teaches guitar (acoustic, classical & electric) & ukulele. He also one of the leaders of Rock School at SORM

Steve Drinkwater teaches drum kit, samba, African drumming & trumpet.

Richard Field teaches brass, keyboard and recorder.He is also one of the leaders of Bradford Youth Training Orchestra.

Felicity French teaches Violin, viola, cello, double bass & recorder.

Morgan Griffiths teaches trumpet, cornet, french horn, tenor horn, baritone, euphonium, trombone, tuba, bass & recorder. He also leads the Bradford Youth Brass Band

Sean Howe teaches drum kit, samba, djembe, guitar, ukulele & keyboard. He also leads the Taiko Drumming Group.

Stephen Johnson teaches guitar (acoustic, bass, classical, electric) piano, keyboard, recorder, trumpet & ukulele. He leads the Acoustic guitar group and is one of the leaders of Rock & Soul Band & Rock school at SORM

Stuart Kaplan teaches drum kit, snare, samba, djembe, ukulele & African ensemble.

Dorian Kelly teaches brass, samba percussion. singing & recorder, jazz improvisation & theory.

Judith Lawler teaches violin, viola. She also leads Masharti Strings and is one of the leaders of Bradford Youth Training Orchestra.

Emily Overend teaches woodwind, keyboard, clarinet, theory & piano. She also leads Junior Wind Band and Intermediate Wind Band.

Matthew Payne teaches percussion & piano.He also leads Percussion Group & Beginner Band.

Laura Robinson teaches flute, clarient, saxophone, recorder, keyboard, ocarina & bassoon. She also leads Jigsaw Music Club.

Stephanie Reading teaches recorder, clarinet, saxophone, flute, oboe & bassoon. She also leads Forte Vento and is one of the leaders of Bradford Youth Wind Orchestra.

Aimee Storton teaches violin, viola, cello, flute & recorder. She also leads Arco beginner Strings

Ian Sweet teaches guitar, electric guitar, ukulele & electric bass.

Cathy Sweet teaches keyboard & piano.

Helen Varley teaches brass, piano, flute & recorder.

Carl White teaches brass, recorder, piano & music curriculum.

Justin Fung is our Bradford Youth Orchestra conductor.