Service News

And it’s goodbye from….

Wed 8 April 2015

The Music & Arts Service is sad to say goodbye to percussion teacher Mr Strawson and woodwind teacher Mrs Kyle at Easter.  We wish them both all the best for the future and thank them for their many contributions to the Service.



Fri 23 January 2015

Music & Arts Service staff wish to congratulate our percussion teacher Mr Payne and his wife on the birth of their beautiful baby daughter!

Adverse Weather Conditions Policy

Tue 20 January 2015

As we are expecting some snow this time of year we thought it would be a good time to send a reminder out about procedure.  Without having to state the obvious make sure your car is in an accessible place and you have packed a snow shovel!

Below are the procedures to be followed in the event of adverse weather conditions.

1 Staff should make every effort to get to work using, where necessary, alternative means of transport.  It is recognised that in adverse weather it may not be possible to teach a full timetable on any one day, but staff should make every effort to complete their timetables as far as conditions allow.

2 If, for any reason, staff are unable to attend a school or the office, they should inform the Music & Arts Service office as soon as possible on 01274 434970 . Music & Arts Service reserves the right to make payment, or not, according to the circumstances of the case.

3 Staff who do not attend work and do not inform the office will not be paid.

4 Where possible staff should try to rearrange any missed visits. In all cases the Music & Arts Service office should be informed of any changed visit times.

5 Staff should check Bradford Schools Online (BSO), the Music & Arts Service’s website and listed to Pulse Radio and Radio Leeds to see if any of their schools are closed to avoid unnecessary trips.

In all cases of absence, courtesy and good practice demand that all teachers contact the service office and do not enter into local modifications without prior agreement with their line manager.

The decision to close an Ensemble venue because of adverse weather will be taken by a senior member of staff, who will assess local conditions.  The general rule will apply that if the school in which the centre operates is closed, or is due to close early due to adverse weather conditions, the ensemble rehearsal will be cancelled.  Staff should contact their line manager to find out if the rehearsal is cancelled. Also look on Edunet.

Goodbye and Welcome!

Mon 15 December 2014

The Music & Arts Service is sad to see percussion teacher Mr Ellis leave….however we wish him all the best for the future!

And we warmly welcome Mr Bradford to the Service.

OFSTED Inspection – What You Must Read

Fri 21 November 2014

20 Ofsted Inspectors will be arriving next week, beginning 24 November 2014, to inspect the LA School Improvement Services in which the Music & Art Service sits. 

It is part of the schools’ requirements that any visiting staff have read this document so please ensure you do so as a matter of urgency.



Mon 13 October 2014

Music & Arts Service staff wish to congratulate Morgan Griffiths and his wife on the birth of their beautiful baby daughter!

NEW! Sickness line

Mon 16 September 2013

New procedures for if you are off sick:

Please ensure you leave a message on the the new, dedicated line for recording sickness as soon as you know you will not be in:

01274 436803

Don’t forget to still also ring in on the main number by 8 am on the first day of your return to work.  You are  required to make an appointment with the Head of Service for a return to work interview, please arrange this with the office as soon as you are able.

Thank you.


Tue 5 March 2013

If a trigger is hit because of a certain amount of absences, a letter will be sent to that member of staff from Paul Makin (Assistant Director, Education/School Improvement). This is a supportive system, to ensure staff are ok.  If you have an absence, please arrange a return to work interview with Tony Johnson, Head of Service.

Ofsted Update – Music Subject Visits

Fri 18 January 2013

Please see this important update from Ofsted and share it with your local schools. The subject visits will be a helpful development in terms of schools’ partnership working with Music education hubs and Head and senior teachers’ ability to assess the quality of any services they receive from hubs. Please note that visits will start shortly. We are currently developing approaches to evaluation and will keep you posted and indeed be asking for your input and feedback in the coming months.

Ofsted acknowledges that it might be too soon to see significant progress with some of the priorities that were set out in the 2012 reports, such as substantial changes in participation rates between different groups of pupils and significantly better musical teaching. But Ofsted believes also that we should expect, already, to see noticeable improvements in the way that music is managed in schools, particularly by senior leaders and through partnerships with the music hubs. Such improvements, even in the few months since the reports and the hubs’ launch, are vital if we want inclusion, the quality of teaching, and the quality of curriculum provision in music education to be significantly better in two or three years’ time. School and hub leaders should already be laying firm foundations for these improvements.

So, between January 2013 and July 2013, Ofsted is going to make a series of short subject visits in music that will be sharply focussed on the effectiveness of music subject leadership by subject and senior leaders in schools, and the extent to which the leadership of the local music hub is supporting and augmenting musical teaching and learning in that school. Inspectors will not be reporting individual judgements of the overall quality of achievement, teaching and the curriculum in each school although, of course, they will consider these aspects when looking at the quality of leadership. Ofsted will also refer to our subject specific criteria throughout.

It is important to note that there will be no expectation or assumption made that the local music hub will be providing music tuition in the school; as our partnerships report detailed, we know that schools employ a variety of professionals and organisations for this work. The emphasis will be, therefore, on the way that the music hub augments and supports the school’s provision and/or management of music, in a way that is appropriate to the school. Where a school does not have a working relationship with the local hub, Ofsted will still be interested in the way that music is provided, led and managed in that school, and the way that other partners support the school’s music work.

Each visit may include the following:

–•A curriculum lesson joint observation with the headteacher or nominated senior leader, followed by discussion.

–An individual or small-group instrumental/vocal lesson joint observation with the headteacher or nominated senior leader or a joint observation of a music session provided by a partner such as an orchestra, community music group or arts organisation, followed by discussion.

–Discussion with the headteacher and music coordinator of the school’s music development plans, examination results and participation data, the musical progress made by all groups of pupils over time,  and discussion about partnership working.

–A meeting with the head of the local music hub or other partner nominated by the school.

–Verbal feedback to the headteacher, music coordinator, and head of the music hub.

Visits will take place to primary, secondary and special schools, including academies.

Ofsted will give schools up to five days’ notice of a visit so that arrangements can be made with the music hub or partner organisation.

There will be no inspection grades given to individual schools or music hubs on these visits. Inspectors will, however, offer verbal feedback to the headteacher, music co-ordinator and head of music hub after each visit, unequivocally highlighting strengths seen and areas for improvement. If a visit causes serious concerns inspectors will, as always, report these.