Vocal Resources

Move-it Monday
Start The Day With Exercise

There’s bags of scope with this song for a high-energy workout to start your week. Get singing and moving, and have fun!

Monday – Start the day exercise

Together On Tuesday

A fun song that captures the value and fun of doing things ‘as one’!

Together PDF

Wellbeing Wednesday
I’m OK!

Promoting self-worth, self-respect and a healthy sense of personal value, this happy-go-lucky song makes no apology for being ourselves.

I’m OK pdf

Thinking Thursday
Living And Learning

A helpful song to reassure us that even in the current turmoil, and the challenges that brings, the earth keeps turning, the sun keeps rising and the rhythms of life keep moving along.

Living & Learning pdf

Fun Friday
The Bonkers Song

A totally bonkers song that will challenge, entertain and delight. Grab your mum, dad, brothers and sisters and try singing all the different parts together!

Bonkers Song pdf

Family Saturday
I’ve Got A Cardboard Box

Everyone knows you can’t have more fun than with a cardboard box! So, set your imagination free creating rockets, robots, super-scary monsters and anything else you desire with this fabulous song.

Cardboard Box pdf

Faith-filled Sunday
As The Sun Rises

A song of faith and gratitude to welcome any new day with hope and positivity.

As The Sun Rises pdf

Another great website for preschool and KS1 children. Lots of cross curricular animated songs with lyrics, as well as games, worksheets, crafts etc to link to the song.
There are also  writing activities, spell and speak, art and other curriculum areas
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