Intermediate Wind Band at Ilkley

Rehearsals Saturday 9.00am - 10am
Venue Ilkley Grammar School
Genres Intermediate Wind Band
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 Access to Current Members Area for Intermediate Wind Band

Normally physical rehearsals are held 9am-10am each Saturday at Ilkley Grammar School.

This band welcomes brass and woodwind players Grades 2 – 4.

They play a broad range of well-known and popular music such as Thunderbirds, the Finale from the New World Symphony and Star Trek. Getting to know the other players is also a key aspect of the band.

Once a month the members of our Intermediate Wind Band are encouraged to join up with Masharti, one of our string bands of similar ability, to create our unique Bradford Youth Training Orchestra. These two groups enjoy working together and coming to play in these groups adds a fantastic social interaction to their musical journey whilst they develop an appreciation of the different skills required to learn a very different instrument.

As most of our Wind Band members are  registered to attend the Bradford Youth Training Orchestra, the Intermediate Wind Band will not meet on those dates.
Dates Intermediate Wind band will not meet for 2019-2020.

Bradford Youth Training Orchestra meeting dates

When pupils reach a high enough standard (approx. Grade 5), they move up into the Bradford Youth Wind Orchestra the highest wind group in Bradford. Many also audition for the North Bradford Youth Orchestra, which is the highest standard group in the District.

Recent repertoire includes: Star Trek, Thunderbirds, Pink Panther, Finale from the New World Symphony

Approx. standard: Grade 2-4

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