Taiko Drumming at Shipley

Unfortunately due to the current situation, our Taiko Drumming Group has been suspended until after the Easter holidays

Please click HERE for Members Area for Taiko Drummers Group.

Venue – Wycliffe Primary CE School, Saltaire Road, Shipley, BD18 3HZ

Cost – Free of Charge.

Age Group –  Yr 3 to Yr 6 Primary Age Pupils


  •  Tuesday 3.30pm – 4.pm – This is now full so no more applications will be accepted
  • Tuesday 4.10pm – 4.30pm – Spaces are still available.

Taiko Drums will be provided. 

   Taiko Drums have a mythological origin in Japanese folklore, but historical records suggest that taiko were introduced to Japan from Korean and Chinese  influences from the 6th century onwards .Taiko has spread around the worlds as drummers are drawn to the power and excitement of Taiko Drumming.

Taiko literally means Fat drum however there are many shapes and sizes of taiko Drums.


Taiko Drumming Group Application Form – Wycliffe CE Primary School –

Please return the completed application form to:

Music & Arts Service,


21 Market Street,


West Yorkshire,

BD18 3QD

and we will contact you via email to confirm your child’s place.