Instrumental Resources for Pupils & Students

 During school closure, the Music & Arts Service wants to ensure that pupils can access a range of activities and keep playing whilst not accessing their weekly lessons.

If you have an email address registered with us, you should have now received an email with access codes to online resources using Charanga’s YUMU software as well as access to a virtual Google Classroom code to access resources set by your child’s teacher.

If you have not got an email address registered with us or have not received this, please contact us via and we get this set up for you quickly.

If you are having issues accessing the Google Classroom, please try the following steps before contacting the Music & Arts Service:

  • Sign out of all Google accounts

  • Return to and log into only the account you want to join the classroom with

  • Enter the code, being careful to ensure you are not mixing up similar characters (O for 0, for example) and ensure that there are no spaces before or after the code

  • Try using in Google Chrome rather than other internet browsers

Please let us know if you continue to have further issues using the email address above.

Additionally,  you can find some music lessons uploaded onto Youtube by Myleene Klass by clicking here

For more vocal resources please use this link for here


30 Day Listening & Singing Challenge for Pupils

To join in with Lisa’s “Listen & Sing Challenge for 30 days” please click HERE