Peanut The Clown


Peter Turner has worked for over twenty years as a professional circus-trained clown. He has a degree in Developmental Psychology and has performed for over half a million people as ‘Peanut the Clown’. His professional commitment is ‘to empower children through the circus arts, wherever they are in their lives’.
You can find out more about his work by visiting his website and see his work by typing in ‘PeteTurner123’ into YouTube.

Who are these workshops for?
Circus has a wide appeal but these workshops ‘take’ most successfully with the KS1 and KS2. This is because circus workshops look like ‘playing’ (and of course, it is tremendous fun) but the art-form is based on gaining focus and accepting discipline. The workshops can be adapted to suit the needs, age, abilities and environment of the individual school. I have designed workshops of different lengths and range to cope with small groups, classes & whole schools and specific issues as well as for school messages.

  • General Objectives:
    – to introduce children the circus art form
    – to gain skill and experience of performance
    – to enhance personal development and health
    – to support curriculum attainment
  • Specific objectives:
    – introduction to the Clown & circus skills (including three types of juggling, diabolo, rhythm stick, hula hoop, balance, spinning plate – and more)
    – to enhance positive behavior
    – to teach co-operation & team working
    – to enable creativity & performance discipline
    – to teach self-directed learning
    – to enjoy physical exercise & to have fun!

For further information contact Pete Turner:
T: 0113 240 6486