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Big Play

“I just wanted to say thank you for putting on the Big Play.  My daughter was extremely nervous to say the least. However thanks to the teachers and organisers she was made to feel welcome and valuable as part of an orchestra. She thoroughly enjoyed herself and her confidence has really increased.”  Mrs G

Bradford Youth Orchestra Rhineland Tour

“We just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who was involved in the Bradford Youth Orchestra trip to Germany! Our daughters had the most fantastic time as it was such a wonderful experience for them! Also many congratulations to Morgan & Felicity & everyone else too, on such an AMAZING performance of Celtic Fusion on Saturday! It was outstanding & we felt so proud to be associated with BYO!”

“Thank you again!”  Mrs O

Bradford Music Education Hub Launch Day

“Hi, i just wanted to thank and congratulate everyone involved in Bradford Music Education. I went with my family to the launch on Saturday and was thrilled for my children to have the opportunity to be involved in such an event.  Everything was such a high standard it is a privilege for my daughter to have the opportunity and be a part of it. The high standard of music teachers is matched only by their dedication and inspiration.  I look forward to my younger child being involved as well as she starts on her musical journey too.  Thank you again to all for so much dedication, inspiration, perspiration”. Mrs C 

MFY Schools’ Prom at Royal Albert Hall –

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for the AMAZING Royal Albert Hall Concert!  Our daughters had the experience of a lifetime & we were overwhelmed just watching! Everything was brilliant & you all must be so proud! All your hard work & organisation certainly paid off, & we really do appreciate how much effort went in to the event. Well done for a fantastic trip!” Mr & Mrs O

Music Centre Ensemble Christmas Concert

“Just wanted to say my father and I really enjoyed ourselves on Tuesday evening at the concert and look forward to more of the same in the future”.   Mrs T

Orchestra Residential

“Thank you for the IH Residential. My son had a superb time.  He texted me to say he was exhausted but happy. The weekend really built up his confidence, ability and enjoyment. He very much felt part of the orchestra and the group of young people there.  He loved the music he played, found it really exciting meeting new people and felt supported throughout by you and the conductor.” Mrs V