About Us

The Music & Arts Service is committed to delivering the objectives of the National Plan for Music and as the lead organisation for the Bradford Music Education Hub will work with a range of partners to offer the best possible musical experience to all children within the Bradford district and beyond.

The Music & Arts Service is recognised as good with outstanding features by the  evaluation process of the Federation of Music Services (now known as Music Mark).  The service aims to provide music leadership, excellence and access through opportunities for all. This is achieved through high quality teaching and a commitment to offering  a diverse range of musical projects and programmes for the young people of the Bradford district.

The benefits of music education are legion. Formal music instruction requires focus, discipline and determination – excellent qualities which are often transferred into other areas of a pupil’s life. Beat and rhythms are key components in music. Children who can maintain a steady beat have a greater fluency in their reading.  The music we sing provides vocabulary enrichment, teaches tenses and plurals, uses poetic language, allows visualization, and encourages good pronunciation. In music we learn about ourselves through self-expression, about teamwork by playing with others, about our culture and that of others, science and maths, creativity, celebration and the self-confidence that comes with achievement.