Instrument Delivery and Collection

Instrument Delivery and Collection

On Delivery

  • Check the number of instruments being delivered matches the delivery note. Please keep this safe as you will need to refer to this document to prepare for collection.
  • Sign the paperwork to confirm receipt. Please note whoever signs this is confirming the number received and accepting responsibility for the instruments on behalf of the school.
  • Keep track of the location of the instruments
  • Please do not remove or cover either side of the laminated Windstruments rental tag attached to each instrument.
  • Ensure that the instruments are kept in the condition they were received in. Any loss, damage or problems should be reported to Bradford Music & Arts as soon as noted.
    The school are responsible for any repairs beyond normal wear and tear for any damaged instruments, or for the replacement of any lost or stolen instruments.

In preparation for collection

  • Windstruments will contact you in early July to arrange collection before the end of the Summer term. The two key questions Windstruments need the answers for are
    • What date are the instruments last being used?
    • What date does the school close for summer?
  • Please verify that you have the number of instruments that have been requested for collection and respond with the information requested as soon as possible. If you cannot find all the instruments requested, please let Windstruments know in your reply.
  • Once a collection date is confirmed, Windstruments will contact you to let you know. This will usually be at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Collect all the instruments together, verify that you have the number of instruments that have been requested for collection and that these instruments are the same as the ones delivered to you. (i.e. no school instruments or one’s belonging to pupils) and correlate with the original delivery note.
  • The instruments will be collected from the school office, the foyer or in front of the school. If the instruments are stored elsewhere, please arrange for them to be in one of these areas before your collection slot. Windstruments cannot collect instruments from any areas other than those specified.

On collection day

  • Have a member staff available to verify the number collected along with Windstruments staff. If no member of staff is available to do this, you are automatically accepting Windstruments’ count.

After collection

  • Windstruments will scan the instruments and return them on the database to check the serial numbers of the instruments returned are Bradford Music & Arts instruments.
  • In the event of any missing or damaged instruments, Bradford Music & Arts will contact you to make you aware. If missing instruments can’t be found by you at the school, you will be invoiced for the replacement. Any instruments damaged beyond expected wear and tear, will incur a charge for the repair or for replacement if they are not repairable.