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Please see below for Bradford Music & Arts working example of how the National Curriculum for Music in EYFS and Key Stages 1 & 2 can be broken down.

BMAS Music Assessment 2020

The Music & Arts Service supports schools in their music delivery by offering access to Charanga and Sing Up! resources.

If you run a KS2 music scheme in your school you can sign up to Charanga for free.  We also regularly assist with subsidised registration to Sing Up!  Please contact the office on 01274 434970 to check for current offers.

When visiting schools to carry out school audits, a number of people have mentioned difficulties in teaching musical notation and standardising how this is taught within school. Below are three PowerPoint files that contain an approach to this based around shapes, suitable for children from Reception upwards to Year 6. Each rhythm is taught through the syllabic pattern of the name of the shape (shape, circle, etc.) and uses colourful images to represent each rhythm (tip: the number of eyes link to the amount of claps).

 ➡ Display Shape Rhythms – Introductory power point with shape and matching rhythm cards.

 ➡ Editable Shape Rhythms – Create your own rhythmic resources.

 ➡ Shape Rhythms – Printable resources to create a notation based display in your music room or area.

BBC School Radio Music offers resources across the primary school for both Key Stages 1 and 2.

Although firmly based on the National Curriculum guidelines for music, the programmes are also directly relevant to the Music and Expressive arts curricula throughout the UK.

Rehearsal Resources is a new website with an extensive library of music for students and teachers to use for all sorts of performance preparation.

– Teachers can use the resources to prepare for exams or a concert.
– Professional players could use it to refine their performances.
– All musicians can use the resources simply for pleasure.
– You can request specific arrangements for most instruments.

Edgy Productions offer ideas, inspiration and resources for leavers’, all-year-round and Christmas music productions at KS1 and KS2.

@School KS2 Music area encourages children at Key Stage 2 level to identify musical instruments, learn about famous composers and hear music from other times and cultures.

For a list of Early Years Music resources.

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