The Ben Manning Music Foundation is a family run Music orientated Charity based in West Yorkshire. The charity was founded in early February 2011 by the family and friends of the late Ben Manning.

Ben’s tragic death and the enormous support from over 22,000 people within the local community inspired the Manning family to set up the charity in his memory. Simply Ben loved music…. Playing it, listening to it, and more so he loved the social as well as the musical aspect of gigs and festivals with his mates.

We’ve already seen some fantastic talent come out of the Yorkshire region – bands such as: The Kaiser Chiefs, The Pigeon Detectives, The Cribs, and The Arctic Monkeys. But, imagine how many more kids/bands could benefit and aspire to be successful musicians themselves if given the opportunity.

This is where The Ben Manning Music Foundation aims to help by offering financial support, grants, subsidised tuition, and musical instruments to kids/bands from less privileged backgrounds, who wish to learn and develop musically, but have little or no means to be able to do so currently, due to lack of lesson time and equipment in schools, or the high cost of private lessons and studio hire.

Future Talent is a very special charity that provides the critical support to enable exceptional musical talent to flourish.  They find, fund, nurture and monitor gifted musicians aged between 5 and 18 whose current financial circumstances are preventing them from fulfilling their musical potential.

The Valentine Alcock Scholarship – Valentine Alcock was a talented mixed-race clarinettist and saxophonist from a single-parent household who died tragically in a swimming accident during the Summer of 1974, just as he was due to take up a place at Cambridge University. In his memory, close members of his family established a fund to allow others to follow in his musical footsteps.

They want to attract applications from youngsters whose skills would be enhanced by attending an intensive course or workshop.  If you would like further information about the Valentine Alcock Scholarship or an application form, please email