Visual Arts

Christmas Card Competition 2021

Thank you for everyone who entered our Christmas Card Competition this year, there were some great entries and it was fantastic to see all of your efforts! We received approximately 400 entries from 25 schools in total; as you can imagine it was very hard to select winners and runners-up from all of these.

Please follow the link to see all of winners and runners-up that were selected this year: Christmas Card Competition 2021.

Dean Russo Stage by Stage Drawing of a Dog.

I worked from a photograph of a friend’s dog and produced a simple line drawing in black pencil.

Using white and blue paint I painted the background, you could make this more abstract but you don’t want to distract too much
from the dog his self. Take care not to paint to the edge. I created the shadow under the dog by adding a little black

Staring with yellow I added random patches of colour, then orange.

I then added pink and red

Use a fine paintbrush to add the black outline, unlike my poster paint dog I had a bit of fun with eyes by giving him two different
colours. Am unsure if this works or is just too much colour.



Here are a number of ART Hunts , Children who have worked with Mr Bullock will know how they work , for those who haven’t here is an explanation

Open up ART HUNT IMAGE sheet and the corresponding ART HUNT QUESTIONS sheet , look at each picture in turn and try to match it with one of the clues. This should take about 30 mins then check with ART HUNT ANSWER sheet

Image Questions Answers
Banksy Images Banksy Questions Banksy Answers
Cat Images Cats Questions  Cats Answers
David Irving Images David Irving Questions David Irving Answers
Dogs Images Dogs Questions Dogs Answers
Artists Images Artists Questions Artists Answers
Pet Images Pet Questions Pet Answers
Art  Images Art Questions Art Answers

3D Work

Clay Frame Creating a Human Figure


Below are links to activities you can do stage by stage with pencil or paint

Colour Pencils Key Skills Composing a Landscape Dean Russo Animals
Portrait Step By Step Dog Stage by Stage in Pencil Drawing a realisitic Fox
Drawing an Elephant Water Colours Pen And Pencil Marks
Portrait Step By Step Colour Pencil Underwater Scene Water Colours Key Skills
Water Colour Rainforest Frog Whale abstract Pen Marks Fenced Field Perspective Picture


Below are a few ideas for topics you might have studied last term

Maya civilization

Landscape Ideas

Egyptian ideas


We are living through historic times, we are all doing things we have never thought we would. The art projects in this section are designed to make a lasting record of our time in isolation. Just think in years to come you can show this work to your family and tell the story of the events of 2020

Animal Takeover News


Isolation Collage

Isolation Collage Portrait

Montage Collage Examples

Montage Collage Portrait Examples













For tailor made ideas for your children in art in the coming weeks contact Mr Bullock direct on