How do I choose an appropriate instrument for my child?

All our teachers will be happy to demonstrate the instruments they teach, explain how they are played and give prospective students a chance to have a go before making a decision. They will also assess them to ensure they are physically comfortable with the instrument of their choice.

Which instruments can my child learn?

We have skilled teachers in all disciplines: woodwind, brass, percussion, guitar, keyboard, strings and vocal.

Where and when do lessons take place?

Lesson times will be booked direct with your child’s school and may take place during school time.  Lessons are for 20 minutes once a week during term time.  In certain circumstances, individual lessons may take place outside of school hours either at one of the Music Centres.

How will I know how my child is doing in the lessons?

Each new pupil is provided with a practice diary in which teachers will note down any specific instructions or matters arising during the lessons. At the end of the academic year pupils are issued with a personal  report on their progress, which is delivered via their school.

When can my child begin lessons?

Our main intake is in September at the start of each new academic year, however provided there is availability pupils can start at any time. Generally we will start pupils from Year 3.  If however your child is younger than this and keen to learn an instrument, please contact the Music & Arts Service on 01274 434970 and we will arrange for a music teacher to assess their suitability.

Do I have to provide an instrument?

For small group and individual lessons pupils must have their own instrument.  If you do not own one and wish to either hire or purchase one, you can do so through Windstruments, based at 1 Rhysworth Bridge, Crossflatts, Bingley BD16 2DX.  Tel:  01274 510050, email at sales@windstruments.co.uk. The shop is open Tuesdays-Saturdays 9.00-5.00 pm.  Please contact them directly for prices and rental contract details. Instruments can either be collected from Windstruments or delivered to school in time for the first lesson (subject to paperwork and payment being received). Instruments should only be hired/purchased once lessons have been confirmed by the Music & Arts Service.

How do I apply /pay for my child to have lessons?

Please apply online here. For a direct debit form please click Direct Debit Form – Bradford Council

Does my child qualify for cheaper lessons?

There are a limited number of bursary places for children whose Headteacher supports the case for an individual lesson.  The lessons are then charged at a group rate price

My child has missed lessons this term. Will I be credited?

Charges for music lessons per term are based on the Music & Arts Service delivering 30 lessons per academic year, out of a possible 38 weeks.  This allows for teacher illness, concert-attendance or other absence by the teacher. If, at the end of the summer term,  your child has received fewer than 30 lessons, due to absence by the music teacher or activity of the Service, you will be refunded pro rata for any missed lessons.

How can my child make music with others?

One of the best ways for your child to improve their playing skills is to make music with other people. We recommend opportunities available locally with a large number of orchestras, bands, choirs and groups for every type of musical instrument taught in our centres. For details of the music groups that are held within our music centres please see our List of Music Centre Groups
To apply to join a Music Centre, please apply online