About Our Music Groups

Unfortunately due to the on-going Covid-19 situation, until such time that we can resume physical rehearsals, our music centre groups will continue to be provided on-line from September 2020.

Please see details of times and days that our on-line sessions run

On-line Music Centre Provision September 2020

The Music Service provides a range of music group opportunities for children from all parts of the district to participate in bands and orchestras  of various standards. Being a member of a music group provides a wide range of opportunities for students of all ages and standards, from beginner upwards, to develop musicianship and playing skills.  For most people, music has its greatest impact when played with others.  Concert performances are the goal of most of our music groups and are valuable experiences in their own right.  We try to ensure that each of our music groups has regular performance opportunities.

Participation in these music groups promotes a feeling of team work and encourages a sense of responsibility.

Music groups for brass players

Music groups for woodwind players

Music groups for acoustic guitar players

Music groups for string players

Music groups for vocalists, keyboard, percussion, electric & bass guitar.

Please use the link below to view all our music groups.

List of Music Centre Groups

These music groups are held within different venues across the district.

In order that this work can continue a charge of £34 per term  is made to contribute to the  costs of the providing these  music groups  and the venues that we use.

Music Centre Forms for 2020/21