Leeds Music Education Partnership

Music Education Hub for Leeds – Drawing together schools with partners from many organisations involved with music education, Leeds Music Education Partnership delivers a coordinated music offer in response to the National Plan for Music Education fulfilling the hub roles and providing subsidies and support.

They aim to give all children and young people in Leeds the opportunity to learn an instrument, make music with others, to sing and to progress through levels of excellence.  Working with ourselves, the Bradford Music Education Hub, we are able to collaborate to benefit the children and young people of the West Yorkshire region.

Please visit their website for more information: https://artformsleeds.co.uk/

Hallé Concert Society

Hallé Concert Society provide:

  • Schools Concerts
  • Meet a musician workshop for schools
  • Instrumental coaching for young musicians
  • Providing high quality, inspiring activities delivered by professionals
  • Aspiring young musicians with their interest in music and orchestras
  • Creativity – workshops helping children to create their own version of the music the Halle performs

Visit their website for more information: https://www.halle.co.uk/

Leeds Junior Conservatoire

Leeds Junior Conservatoire provide:

  • Summer Academy for year 12 students interested in conservatoire education
  • Generation Big Band
  • Partnership work with external educational organisations
  • Leeds Conservatoire Futures – a partnership scheme for schools
  • Junior Conservatoire Saturday School: training in music (a wide range of styles) & drama
  • An endangered species programme

They provide specialist training for young people age 8-18 with a range of access points. They have experienced workshop practitioners who can support core and extension roles for the National Plan for Music.

To find out more, please visit their website: https://www.leedsconservatoire.ac.uk/courses/leeds-junior-conservatoire/

Charanga Ltd

Charanga provides digital resources to support music learning in schools and at home for all students aged from 5 – 18.

They also provide ongoing support and CPD for teachers, in partnership with Bradford Music Education Hub.

  • Online instrumental learning for children and young people
  • Digital resources and CPD for instrumental teachers to support whole-class ensemble teaching
  • Digital resources and CPD for primary classroom teachers to support music teaching in school
  • Student Access to Yumu, the online student platform to continue learning at home
  • Integrated video conferencing technology to facilitate distance teaching/ blended learning.
  • Advice and support regarding best practice in the use of music education technology

To find out more, visit: https://charanga.com/site/

Calderdale Music Trust

They’re here to help the young people, schools and diverse communities of Calderdale to make the most of life-enhancing music opportunities. Their aim is to provide everyone access to the best music education and service provision available in the region.

As Calderdale’s leading music education provider, they support professional development in schools, inspiring confidence and offering bespoke curriculum support that enhances music education for teachers and learners alike.

They are also the lead organisation for Calderdale Music Education Hub, and they work with local schools, cultural organisations and community groups to bring exciting opportunities and live performance to people’s doorsteps.

They go above and beyond traditional music education to focus on the needs of individuals, with a tailored approach that not only opens musical doors and opportunities, but uniquely supports them on their life-long learning journey.

Calderdale Music is committed to providing high quality music education and opportunities to children and young people, working to bring Calderdale communities together through music and the arts.

As the lead organisation for Calderdale Music Hub, operating from the stunning flagship Halifax HQ, we also work with local schools, cultural organisations and community groups to bring life-enhancing musical opportunities and live performances to the doorsteps of Calderdale.

Their vision for the future is to open life-long music and arts education opportunities to all, providing a cultural heart for Calderdale that unites, motivates and inspires people to live more creative lives.

Visit their website by following the link: https://www.calderdalemusictrust.org.uk/

BHT Early Education and Training

BHT Early Education and Training offers high quality childcare, out of school care, language development programmes, Makaton specialists and music specialists, and training.

Their Music, Movers and Shakers project has been designed by music specialists Lynne O’Malley and Dave Morrison using the Kodaly approach, and programme is delivered to children in nurseries, schools and voluntary childcare settings. Throughout the programme children are encouraged to access music and musical events within the wider community.

They offer training courses for professionals, topics include “Magical Musical Elements”, “Creative Sounds”, “The Language of Music”, “Found Sound”, “Bringing Stories to life through music”.

Music in the early years is crucial as it helps to develop language, mathematical skills, creativity and physical development, as well as social skills and confidence. Our music leaders have over 30 years experience of teaching music and creativity to all ages. We welcome families and children of all cultures to share in our music celebrations.

They work to engage the wider community in music events, and strive to give our young children access to live music.

They believe in using music as a thread to all learning, therefore our programmes reflect this, and we plan carefully, using the Musical Development Matters document and the New Music Model Curriculum.

They are fully inclusive, and are committed to help every child reach their full potential.

To visit their website please follow the link: http://bhtearlyed.org.uk/

School of Rock & Media


School or Rock & Media work with students from the ages of 6-25 years old engaging in music lessons such as guitar, drums, vocal lessons, and music production.
They offer further education in music for all of our students, as well as in stage and sound management. This can lead into all of our students being in a band, or giving them the opportunity to perform live on stage

To visit their website please click here.

AllStar Entertainment

AllStar Entertainment work across the district with a focus on breaking down the barriers on young people accessing music making opportunities. They specialize in workshops using music and music technology to engage and inspire.

They are mainly working with music technology from grassroots to more advanced levels to help increase skills, inspire and create future youth leaders in music for Bradford.

To visit their website please click here.


Yorkshire Young Musicians

YORKSHIRE YOUNG MUSICIANS is a Centre for Advanced Training (CAT) under the DfE’s Music and Dance Scheme, which enables specialist young musicians in the region to benefit from the highest quality tuition in their locality, rather than having to travel long distances or go away to school.

Specialist, individually tailored tuition at a high level, classes to develop broad musical skills and opportunities for playing and communicating with like-minded friends who are likely to be considering making Music their career choice (ages 8-18). Areas covered; Western and Indian Classical Instrumental and Vocal tuition, musical enrichment activities and chamber music.

To visit their website please click here.


Windstruments offer he following:

  • Instrument Sales
  • Instrument rentals
  • Instrument rent to buy scheme
  • Advice on VAT-free instrument purchase schemes
  • Consumables for instruments including sheet music and current exam music
  • Instrument repairs

They also offer the facility for young people to come to their shop to be measured ensuring they are assigned the correct size instrument.

Supply and maintenance of good quality musical instruments to ensure young people get the best chance at learning an instrument. Testing appointments are available for customers to test instruments, mouthpieces etc

To visit their website please click here.